Thursday, May 22, 2014

American Morning, American Night

A beautiful morning dawned on America,

Some Americans awoke early to have coffee and prepare for work to begin,

While the Senators being interviewed on the morning news gave lip service with lined pockets,

Young men and women were trampled under local court dockets,

While others slept late as routine,

And the House Representatives on the morning news gave lip service with lined pockets,

As corporate capitalists found loopholes in federal court dockets,

A score of young men lay lifeless in city morgues across the nation,

From the previous night’s senseless violence which has become basic recreation,

Crying families with no nation, no flag, no moment of silence,

History, capital and religion abolished human to human reliance,

Individualism and apathy reigned supreme as the sun peaked and declined,

And the so-called entertainment industry mass produced the opposite of what civilized behavior defined,

And made it glamorized in the mentality of American youth,

Which caused birth to what reality is under an uneducated roof,

Night fell on America,

And Americans slept deeply, but never remembered what they dreamed.

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