Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter to the Hip Hop Youth of America

Dear hip hop youth of America,

Since your favorite rappers, who have sold out their communities in order to become wealthy tools, by promoting glamorized lies of self destructive images, which promote a larger political agenda of keeping the lower economic youth chained to the lower economic caste in which their families are chained to , population control, and population growth for prison systems on the stock market, will not teach you as the mentors they are supposed to be, I will take this time to address a few issues of very negative nature which have been popularized by these tool rappers in our American society and our communities which impact your chances to advance and your families chances to advance...and survive. When I was your age, I did not think about the things I will address in this letter and no mentor explained these issues to me. One difference between your generation and mine is that the rap music of my time was mostly independently owned and free of outside control while, with the advancement of technology, your rap music, which fills every radio station, every video channel (and today there are so many) and can be found at any time of day or night on the internet, holds no serious substance or positive messages, and is purposely aimed at glamorizing a negative self destructive lifestyle due to the entire music industry being owned and operated by a devilish group of people who are players in a much larger political agenda (aimed at you).

First, let us analyze the most common themes in today’s main stream rap music industry from the most popular artists (and when I say most popular, I mean the artists in heaviest rotation because it is the conglomerate corporations who own the entire industry that decide which artists and songs are hot, not the actual fans of the music or rap artists. The most common trends that are constantly seen in today’s “hottest” rap artists are: 1) Being gangster, hard core. Not taking shit or being dissed. Gun clapping. Packing heat (or weapons). 2) Big money. Hustling. Gotta get the loot, by any means necessary. Usually by illegal methods. 3) Party and bullshit. Bling and living large. 4) "The bitches, the bitches". Look at the women portrayed in the majority of videos. The portrayed trend is to sex as many ladies as possible.

  1. The gangster factor: portrayed by the likes of Rick Ross and so many other unoriginal rap sell outs and destroyers of youth. This mindset, filtered early on into the American youth with no strong, positive mentors, purposely glamorizes being hard core and not letting anyone cross you. Point blank, I can tell you no other way, that this mindset is purposely instilled in the youth so that when the age of 18 or older is reached (if one mimicking this self destructive lifestyle makes it to 18) that the result will been imprisonment or death. It is this glamorized self-destructive gangster(ism) that has young adults on the block with illegal guns shooting each other down for no other reason than beef, drugs, money (with slave owner faces printed on the paper), or loose women. What are you killing and incarcerated yourselves over really? Over meaningless bullshit? How many innocent infants have caught your stray bullets? The only time you should be willing to lay down your life or sacrifice your freedom is when your family is endangered, and then you should defend them without fear of consequence to the death. It is a fine quality to be hard in nature, to be strong at fighting and shooting... but you must first and foremost develop the intellectual, conscious, moral and righteous mindset to go along with that hardcore position otherwise you have only become a beast, animal or monster. Stand for family and community; stand for something of righteous, important substance. Do not fight over government owned blocks! Do not simply murder and give away your freedom for meaningless are walking directly into the trap that the masters of the system have set for you.
  2. The pursuit of big money. Truth is, regardless of the lies that come across television and from the lips of these sell out, Uncle Tom destroyers of the youth who rap on microphone, you can only achieve success and money for a comfortable life through educating yourself and advancing opportunities and your positioning. These tool rappers today have the youth worshipping the slave owner faces on paper money like God and willing to follow the lies of these tool rappers to get some of that money in giant wads. These devilish tool rappers promote drug dealing, robberies, and all sorts of other uncivilized activities in order to achieve the falsehood of big money. The true problem is, this portrayed lifestyle and quick rich mentality is a lie developed by devils and unskillfully rapped by sell out tools that have accepted the silver in exchange with misleading you to your destruction. At some point, whether young in the game or old in the game, you are going to get hemmed up in the justice system for illegal activities. It doesn’t matter how corrupt the system is. Any old ‘G’ that doesn’t tell you this one evident truth is as pathetic and dishonest as all of the house slave rappers on television. One criminal charge for drugs, selling drugs, assault, robbery, and all other areas of self demise... diminish any chances of advancement for you and thus your family (or future family). Maybe you will even become incarcerated and for years make money for the stockholders who invest in private prisons (Correction Corporations of America are one of many). No, it is better to think wise and make money legally for yourself and family. Your criminal record, if not permanent, will set you back a decade at the minimum and possibly close off certain opportunities forever. Serious criminal charges can set you back for life and close the ceiling on any advancement. Bottom line: each criminal charge closes doors of advancement and it does not make since to wrack these charges up (just to get a rep) over meaningless pursuits, excessive slave money or beef. You are dealing with a system that has never apologized for 400 years of slavery, a system that has slave owner faces on the currency, and does not care what choices you make. You can’t fight or rebel against the system, but you can study the system, prioritize what is important to you and your family and understand what is worth fighting for (and what is not), and then work within the system to advance your position. Advancement within the established system does not change who you are, it allows you to change the system from within. Dispelling the lies of the sell outs should be a collective movement.
  3. Party and bullshit. Have you ever noticed how these tool rappers and these video channels only play “hit” songs about bullshit and party? Why is that? Do you think our American society and the future of that society is in any shape to party and bling? The nation is 14 trillion dollars under debt, people can’t find jobs, the streets are flooded with drugs and morally void crime, protests on wall street are being subdued, children are being abducted and sexually molested, home invasions on women and elderly, and all kinds of heinous shit is going on (daily). This nation, built on rotten wood, is collapsing. It doesn’t matter if we like it or not, once it collapses we are all still stuck here in the rubble fighting each other in civil unrest. So where have all the conscious observations gone from rappers like Chuck D, Poor Righteous, Jeru the Damaja, and others great rappers back in the day that gave knowledge back to the communities? I will tell you. After the rap industry was consolidated under the devilish hand of one ethnic ownership, they excluded and pushed out all of the positive and conscious voices of the community that kept the youth focused on important issues. Today, these devils use their house slave tool rappers to keep your mind focused on meaningless issues like party, party, and bullshit instead of the economy, the crimes being committed in Congress, unemployment, innocent deaths like Troy Davis, executions like Oscar Grant, history, demographics, military occupations on foreign soil, and all other areas of importance for your world. They do not want your generation to be critical thinkers because if your generation were critical thinkers on a collective level, you might stop the injustices happening. No, it is better to keep your uneducated minds focused on party and bullshit, fighting over meaningless issues while killing each other and filling up the private prisons. Hell, I can’t blame the youth, and that is why I am writing this letter, because many, many of our adults today are riding around town like buffoons blasting rap music marketed toward teenagers, like Lil Wayne and fucking Solja Boy while walking through the club “barefoot” without any conscious, critical and intelligent thoughts in their head (and it shows by their daily conduct and lack of education). It’s fucking sad.
  4. The women. Rap videos today portray our women, queens, mothers and daughters as sex freaks and you fathers, brothers and sons buy into the bullshit. Hell, on some levels just because we have bought into it...our women are living up to it. It has become a nightmare where 13 year old girls are pregnant and groups of 14 year old boys are charged with gang rapes. Our women are brainwashed just the same way as we are, with ignorant video tricks like lil Kim, Nicki Manaj (or whatever her name is) and the numerous other video harlots that damage the confidence of our daughters. These purposely created negative female stereotypes thrive on creating teenage mothers, single mothers, male incarceration due to lack of child support (which falling into the previously listed traps you couldn’t pay if you wanted to), and keeping the family structure divided, broken and dysfunctional in order to keep repeating the vicious cycle (which keeps lower economic people from advancing)! Throw drugs, guns, and criminal records into the mix and you never even had a chance to begin with, young man.

I write this letter to you, young men of America, not to preach at you and tell you not to enjoy your youth. I write this letter after forty years of life experience to warn you about the traps (aimed at you) in American society in the hopes that you will give consideration to what I am saying and have unfettered opportunities that I did not have. My advice to you is to break away from the blatant lies of these sell-out rappers who lead you daily into self destruction. Instead of concentrating on meaningless issues in life, focus on the real issues surrounding you, your family and your future family. Develop the ability to think critically, excel at self education which will allow you to dominate the public school systems, learn your history and the history of the United States, study the political system that you were born under so that you can understand how to maneuver that system and advance through that system (without falling into the social traps set to debilitate your advancement and the advancement of your family). Your life, your future, your family and the future of your family depends on your actions and planning today. I wish there were more mentors to speak honestly with you on these subjects and hopefully there are, but today I felt a need to write you this letter. I support you and I believe in you.


J. Meeks

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